Hi everyone. I am a board-certified family physician who enjoy taking care of patients of all ages. I was born and raised in my beautiful Puerto Rico. I completed a bachelor degree in Biology at the Intermerican University of Puerto Rico and earned a medical degree at the Iberoamerican University School of Medicine (UNIBE) in Dominican Republic. I completed a specialty in Family Medicine at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Ohio, where I served as a Chief Resident. After residency, I worked in the field of urgent care and occupational medicine before moving to Florida to begin a career in correctional medicine in 2013.


Like many people in our country, I also became tired of our current healthcare system. I firmly believe that everyone should have access to affordable medical care, regardless of insurance status or pre-existing conditions.


Last year, I joined a group of physicians who were dedicating themselves to change the way medicine is delivered throughout the nation. On March 2017, I opened the doors of my office, Your Family MD. I wanted to introduce to our community an innovative and growing healthcare movement called “ Direct Primary Care”. It is simply, the good old-fashioned way medicine was delivered with a modern touch. This is the way healthcare should be and It is time for patients to be back in charge of their healthcare!


My patients love it, I love it and I think you will love it too, once you get to experience the benefits of the membership.




Dr. Dalian Caraballo

“I have embarked in the journey to restore the faith in healthcare" .

direct primary care

Healthcare is a life-long journey that not necessarily needs to wait for illness to be started. Having a relationship with a doctor that is based on trust and respect, is a key stone for a better care and a healthier life.  This is very difficult to achieve within today's healthcare system as it is driven by insurance bureaucracy that includes outrageous premiums, multiple copays, shorter visits, unavailability of appointments, hours of wait time before seeing a doctor, unnecessary visits to the ER for problems that can be solve in the office, hyper-inflated prices for medical services and hidden charges, among other barriers. For this reason, I've decided to simplify healthcare. I removed the "middle man", selected a "magic number" and incorporated an affordable monthly membership fee.


No Middle Man:

Simply, no third party interference. I am not paid by any insurance companies, I am paid by my patients. This means that I provide medical care that is not modified or dictated by insurance companies or government entities. Then, I can focus my time on what is best for each patient to help them achieve their health care goals.


A magic number:

I purposely decided to have fewer patients in order to provide a more personalized care. My practice is limited to no more than 300 patients. A small panel size ultimately means that I have more time for each patient, when they need it, without making them deal with the frustrations of today's traditional healthcare.


Membership fee:

By removing all the expenses that goes along with coding and billing needed on an insurance based practice, I can lower my practice overhead. I no longer need to limit the duration of time I spent with patients (15 mts per visit) in order to see as many patients as possible in a day (25 - 30 patients a day) to sustain the practice. Instead, I incorporated a simple monthly fee that patients pays directly to their doctor.


My patients are my priority and we share the same goals. That is to keep them healthy, use as few medications as possible, value their time and save them money. I have created a medical home for people who are serious about their health and who want to invest towards a healthier, more productive, longer life. I are looking forward to walk this journey with my patients every step of the way.


Direct Care, the future of medicine, the way healthcare should be!


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