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Merging the benefits of modern medicine with an "Old-fashioned" relationship with your doctor.

Your Family MD is a different family medicine office, dedicated to providing incredible access to high quality, personalized primary care at an affordable price to patients of all ages.

We believe that our families deserve to have piece of mind when it comes to taking care of their medical needs. For that reason, we want to introduce to our community, an innovative model of medical care delivery, called Direct Primary Care. We believe this is a better delivery approach that will lead to a great healthcare journey experience for patients and that can also dramatically reduce the health care costs for individuals, families and even businesses.

Once you become a member of Your Family MD, you’ll be part of an intimate family practice and it will feel like having a doctor in the family.


It is simple. The first thing that you need to do is enroll. This is an easy process that allows you to put all of your information and history in to our system before your visit.  If you do not want to enroll online you can make an appointment to visit the office and we will assist you in the process.

We are excited and looking forward to become your partner in health!





Less patients means more access to your doctor. More access mean  care when you need it. Life is unpredictable and waiting 2 months to see your doctor is unacceptable. Get healthcare when you need it. With same day, next day appointments, telephone and even text consults health problems can be addressed now, before they become major and more costly.




As we all know, health insurance is a “must-have”. Not only to avoid tax penalties but most importantly to have it available for unexpected health needs. With the ever increasing cost of healthcare patients are forced to obtain insurance coverage that is often too costly, too poor in coverage or both. Your Family MD can provide patients with high quality, personalized and compassionate care at cost that will leave your hard earned money in your pocket.



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