Obtain the care you deserve without the need to use insurance.


Your doctor's visit just got easier...


Your Family MD is a different doctor's office with a new approach to healthcare, called Direct Primary Care. 


Here, patients do not need health insurance to obtain medical care. Instead, they form part of a membership program (similar to a gym) where they simply pay an affordable monthly fee with no copays and no hidden fees.


This membership gives them access to complete primary care services. It makes healthcare simple, hassle-free, convenient, personalized and affordable. 


It's time to bring common sense back to healthcare by: lowering the cost of services, adding direct access to the doctor and offering flexible/convenient appointments. In this way, patients are back in charge of their health and their healthcare spending.


Are you tired of our current healthcare system and ready for a change?  This is the place for you. 



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We are redefining Primary Care with the goal to bring healthcare back to people.

Dalian Caraballo, M.D, BC-FM

Founder / Physician


Why make the change?

Better Access, Better Value, Better Benefits

How it Works ---------

It is simple! No health insurance is needed to become a member because patients will not use it in my practice.


I offer a Health Membership Program where patients pay a flat, monthly fee to the doctor. Like a gym membership, but for health. From the yearly check up to urgent care needs, management of chronic conditions or general questions about staying healthy; our membership offers unparalleled access to care across a spectrum of needs.


This is care beyond your insurance card. After all, having insurance doesn't means access to care. With this model, I can take care of the common medical needs and insurance will cover the unusual, unexpected needs such as serious emergencies, surgeries, hospitalizations, etc.


With the ever increasing cost of healthcare, patients are forced to obtain insurance coverage that is often too costly, too poor in coverage or both. Our membership will give you access to high quality, personalized medical care at a cost that will leave your hard earned money in your pocket.

Don't wait until you are sick to establish a relationship with a doctor.  Health problems can be addressed now, before they become major and more costly.



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It's simple. Just fill out the form to begin the enrollment and we'll be in touch soon. This is an easy process that allows you to put all of your information and history in to our system before your first visit.

If you have more questions or have a  specific need that you will like to discuss before deciding if the program is for you, contact us to schedule a complimentary visit with our doctor at no cost.

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    • Convenient access to care. Whenever an issue arises, you can directly contact your doctor via:
    •    Phone call, Text, Email or Video chat (telemedicine). Even if the office is closed.  After all colds, rashes and fevers not always follow office hours.
    • - No copays for visits.
    • - No more "15 mts. long" visit to your doctor. Enjoy more time with your doctor with extended &                   relaxed scheduled visits that usually last 30 mts to 1 hour to discuss your concerns.
    • - Same day or next day appointments for urgent care problems or acute illnesses.
    • - Minimal wait upon arrival to the office.
    • - Visits are always by appointment only with flexible times that includes late afternoons and a Saturday a   month.
    • - Flat monthly membership fee. No need to use insurance.
    • - Price transparency as fees are clearly posted and there are no hidden charges.
    • - On-site access to discounted prices for blood tests and medications.
    • - Procedures included within the membership (except for pathology services).

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    - Disease Prevention & Wellness Care

      Adult physicals (yearly basic blood test panel included), Well woman exam, School & Sports physicals,     Routine well-child exams (vaccines are not available at this moment).

      No extra charge to fill out forms.


    - Urgent care & Acute Illness:

      Ex. Stitches, Colds & Flu, Sprains & Strains, Rash, Abscess drainage, Urine infections, Ear wax removal.


    - Chronic Disease Care:

    • Ex. Hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, Asthma, COPD and more.
    • We coordinate your care along with your specialists.


    - Other services:

    • In-house pharmacy with discounted prices on medications. (30 day supply of Lisinopril is less than $2).
    • Electronic consults with any specialists through Rubicon MD at no extra charge. (click on the link below to learn more about e-consults with rubiconmd.com). ]
    • Imaging cost negotiated with local imaging centers on behave of our patients (ex. X-rays $ 60)
    •    In-house discounted laboratory testing (TSH $10 compared to $136.40).
    •    House calls when deemed appropriate (additional fee).
    •    After hours visits for acute care (additional fee).


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    • - Children = $49 / month
    • - Adults = $89 / month
    • - Couples = $159 / month
    • - Family of 3 = $179 / month
    • - Family of 4 = $199 / month
    • - Family of 5 = $219 / month
    • - Family of 6 = $229 / month
    • - Single parent with 1 child = $110 / month
    • - Single parent with 2 children = $135 / month
    • - Single parent with 3 children = $155 / month
    • - Single parent with 4 children = $175 / month
    • - Home visits = $100 / visit
    • - After hours visit = $60 / visit
    • - Virtual visits (phone or video) from 11 pm until 7 am = $40 / call


    Enrollment fee: $60 / patient. (maximum of $150 / family).

    Non members: Physical Exam including basic blood testing  = $250.00

    * Children = up to 18 y.o.

    * Family = couple with children up to 18 y.o.

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  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Question


    • What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?
    • It is an innovative and growing health care movement that is characterized by the complete elimination of health insurance acceptance for primary medical care services. An “Insurance free”, member supported, medical office that incorporates a monthly membership fee, paid by the patient to their doctors, that will give them immediate and easy access to affordable and personalized primary care.


    • Why choose DPC ?
    • DPC allows us to reestablish the doctor-patient relationship by keeping our practice small and providing  you with highly accessible, personalized and preventive health care when you need it. It’s like having your doctor available at the touch of a button. We believe that a strong and satisfying doctor-patient relationship is the key to helping you stay healthy.


    • Is this concierge medicine?
    • No. The services are very similar; however, concierge medicine still bills the insurance and is typically more expensive. We do primary care differently. We provide concierge level of care at an affordable prices and our patients are treated as we would expect our family to be treated.


    • Do you accept insurance?
    • Happily no!


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"I recommend Dr. Dalian Caraballo 100% to all families and friends."

Dr. Dalian Caraballo is a magnificent physician. She is very attentive to all of your needs and concerns. Dalian takes her time to explain everything in full detail to ensure proper understanding to her patients! I recommend Dr. Dalian Caraballo 100 % to all families and friends! Thank you for your services doc!


"I now enjoy the peace of mind of having a doctor I can trust."

I choose Dr. Caraballo from Your Family MD to cover for our healthcare needs for her innovative-traditional-individualized approach, her focus on preventive medicine and her willingness to help me find the most effective treatment options at reasonable prices. After years uninsured, I now enjoy the peace of mind of having a doctor that I can trust.


"If you want personalized, affordable and effective healthcare, look no further."

Just met Dr. Caraballo today. Super excited to work with her. She took time out of her busy schedule to walk me threw her practice and introduce me to the services she offers. I have done my home work in the health care world. If you want personalized, affordable, and effective Healthcare look no further. The way she wants to run her practice is a great and innovative concept, highly recommended!